Due to the European Rowing Junior Championships 2019 on the Lake Baldeney in Essen, the International Wedau Regatta will host the International Wedau Regatta 2019 which is traditionally organized in the uneven years by the Essener Ruder-Regattaverein on the Lake Baldeney as "International Hügelregatta". We are happy to stage the first International Wedau Regatta on May 11/12 after a multi-year absence due to the construction work for the boathouse area.

This re-opening of the rowing course will be a joint event with both the International Wedau Regatta and the first race day of the Ruder-Bundesliga the national sprint league for club eights. Under the motto "Olympic Power meets Sprint Power", the german club eights of the fastest rowing sprint league in the world will meet the power of the elite rowers in the pre-olympic season. This joint festival of rowing will create an exciting atmosphere, close races and an interesint program through the entire weekend providing a mis between olympic 2.000m races and thrilling sprint races.

We are looking forward to welcome numerous crews of all nations and see exciting races in the pre-olympic year as preparation for the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo.

Additional information on this event will be made available on this side over the course of this year.