To register for the International Wedau Regatta, we kindly ask german crews to leverage the registration portal of the German Rowing Federation. For foreign crews, an online registration portal will be provided. The link and supporting documentation will be published in early 2019.

German crews for the National Sprints League are kindly asked to register via our event in the registration portal of the German Rowing Federation.



Initial regatta information for the International Wedau Regatta 2019 are available below. 

101SF 1x B201SF 2x A/B
102SF 1x A202SF 2x A/B LW
103SM 1x B203SM 2x A/B
104SM 1x A204SM 2x A/B LW
105SF 2- A/B205SF 4- A/B
106SF 2- A/B LW206SM 4- A/B
107SM 2- A/B207SM 4- A/B LW
108SM 2- A/B LW208SF 1x B
109SF 1x B LW209SF 1x A
110SF 1x A LW210SM 1x B
111SM 1x B LW211SM 1x A
112SM 1x A LW212SF 2- A/B
113SF 2x A/B213SF 2- A/B LW
114SF 2x A/B LW214SM 2- A/B
115SM 2x A/B215SM 2- A/B LW
116SM 2x A/B LW216SF 1x B LW
117PR1M 1x217SF 1x A LW
118PR1W 1x218SM 1x B LW
119PR2M 1x219SM 1x A LW
120PR2W 1x220PR3MIX 2x
121PR3MIX 2x221PR2W 1x
122SF 4- A/B222PR2M 1x
123SF 4+ A/B223PR1M 1x
124SM 4- A/B224PR1W 1x
125SM 4- A/B LW225SF 4x A/B
126SF 4x A/B226SF 4x A/B LW
127SF 4x A/B LW227SF 4+ B
128SM 4x A/B228SM 4x A/B
129SM 4x A/B LW229SM 4x A/B LW
130SF 8+ A/B230SF 8+ A/B
131SM 8+ A/B231SM 8+ A/B
132SM 8+ A/B LW232SM 8+ A/B LW


Due to the European Rowing Junior Championships 2019 on the Lake Baldeney in Essen, the International Wedau Regatta will host the International Wedau Regatta 2019 which is traditionally organized in the uneven years by the Essener Ruder-Regattaverein on the Lake Baldeney as "International Hügelregatta". We are happy to stage the first International Wedau Regatta on May 11/12 after a multi-year absence due to the construction work for the boathouse area.

This re-opening of the rowing course will be a joint event with both the International Wedau Regatta and the first race day of the Ruder-Bundesliga the national sprint league for club eights. Under the motto "Olympic Power meets Sprint Power", the german club eights of the fastest rowing sprint league in the world will meet the power of the elite rowers in the pre-olympic season. This joint festival of rowing will create an exciting atmosphere, close races and an interesint program through the entire weekend providing a mis between olympic 2.000m races and thrilling sprint races.

We are looking forward to welcome numerous crews of all nations and see exciting races in the pre-olympic year as preparation for the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo.

Additional information on this event will be made available on this side over the course of this year.


Due to delay in the construction work of the Elite Sport Centre of the German Canoe Federation in Duisburg, the city of Duisburg has cancelled the International Wedau Regatta 2018.

A news report on this is available in german at the WAZ.

During 2016 and 2017, the boat storage Building will be completely reconstructed. Because of these building activities, several Events were shift and unfortunately, the date for the International Wedau Regatta 2016 is blocked by the Paralympic World Championships, the olympic qualification Regatta for europe and the World Cup of the International Canoe Federation. 

As the European Rowing Championships will take place in the same month in Brandenburg, no other regatta venue is capable of organising an international regatta in Germany.

So, the next International Wedau Regatta will take place on May 19/20, 2018.